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Transition Planning

Clients are particularly vulnerable to relapse in the early days, weeks and months after discharging from residential treatment. Planning for a client’s transition to the next phase of their recovery is a vital component of treatment. The Transition Plan is based on the client’s initial assessment which is used to determine their risk factors and needs as well as their progress during treatment.

The client’s counselor, in conjunction with the Clinical Director and other members of the treatment team, will make recommendations to the client regarding post discharge treatment and support. Transition options include but are not limited to a combination of some or all of the following including sober living, attending 90 support group meetings in 90 days, working with a sponsor, establishing a home group, step work, mental health therapy, psychiatric treatment, and other medical follow up appointments. Once recommendations have been made, the counselor will work in conjunction with the client to create the client’s Transition Plan.

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