We’re in this together

There’s a lot more to living clean and sober than mere abstinence. For addicts and alcoholics to reap the full rewards of recovery, we must practice the principles of recovery in every area of life.

Although Right Turn-IMPACT offers traditional state-certified programs delivered by a licensed board-certified clinical supervisor and certified addiction counselors, our programs also incorporate recovery services that go far beyond traditional treatment and are deeply rooted in peer-support and recovery coaching philosophies. There is no greater value than the therapeutic value of one addict/alcoholic helping another.

Most of our staffers are in long-term recovery and unlike many treatment centers, they don’t shy away from self-disclosure. When addicts/alcoholics are able to identify with others with dignity and realize that they are not alone, the miracle of recovery begins. Our clients can easily discern that we genuinely care about them and that we personally live the recovery lifestyle. We are not just teaching from a textbook. Our personal stories, passion, and enthusiasm for recovery inspires, motivates, and influences each client. We leave the indelible imagery of recovery in the minds and hearts of our clients and they are able to clearly see the rewards of recovery working in the lives of our staffers. We walk the talk and live the lifestyle. We get it! The rapport and trust we’re able to build is key to the remarkable success we see.

Our programs have clients helping clients from the very start and these practices lay a foundation for recovery: addicts/alcoholics helping each other. As clients go through the treatment process, we provide opportunities to begin living the recovery lifestyle.

In short, recovering people need recovering people. We have an exceptionally talented, smart, and well-vetted staff who are trained and skilled at maintaining dual-relationships with clients while keeping ethical and professional boundaries. Unlike many treatment centers, we develop personal friendships with our clients. And the rapport and trust we build with clients doesn’t end when they complete treatment. We have an amazing alumni association and the support and meaningful, lasting friendships established between staff and alumni are essential ingredients that result in the tremendous success of our clients. YES! We Do Recover! And recovery is a wonderful way of life filled with meaning, passion and purpose.