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What our clients say

“I hope you are able to help more people in desperation like me. Thank you so much.”

Brian G.

“I feel good now. I know it is time to stop drinking. This is a great place to learn and change.”

Ben W.

“The Right Turn-IMPACT program has given me time and support to evaluate myself and truly work on my problems. Today I am happy to be sober. I’m no longer embarrassed for my actions and am grateful to not be in jail.”

Billy T.

“The information presented this weekend changed my life.”

Rebecca P.

“Keep doing this program. It helps those who want it.”

Dominique V.

“Right Turn-IMPACT was the best decision of my life. The staff knows what they’re doing and genuinely care about their residents. I needed help and they gave me what I needed. I am truly grateful.”

Allison K.

“I appreciate the care of the staff. They made me feel like family.”


“I am extremely happy I came here. I will be working diligently on my sobriety.”

Tiffany H.

“It’s a really good program. It changed my life.”

Maria A.

“Get more people into this program. I only wish I had come sooner.”

Abdul A.