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Sober Living

Sober Living Houses

Due to the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of addiction, many clients can benefit from transitioning from residential treatment to a sober living program. Clients completing treatment are at risk for relapse due to many factors including lack of structure, returning to an environment where other’s use, lack of support, lack of experience using healthy coping and sober living skills as well as lack of accountability. Transitioning from treatment to a sober living program helps to reduce the risk of client relapse by mitigating the impact of the factors listed above.

At RTI, our sober living program consists of 3 men’s houses located in Eldersburg, Owings Mills, and Pikesville as well as one women’s house located in Pikesville, MD. RTI houses are safe, clean, affordable and located within walking distance of public transportation and potential employers. Our sober houses provide clients with structure, support, belonging and a sense of community by requiring clients to follow house rules, attend house meetings, and to participate in a sober support program. Clients are also expected to work or to continue to participate in IOP treatment until they are employed.

Further, our sober houses provide ideal environments for clients to continue working on their healthy coping and sober living skills with other people engaged in the same work. This helps clients to gain experience, competence and confidence using these vital skills. Finally, our sober living program provides clients with increased accountability via breathalyzer testing and random urine analysis.