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The Right Turn Impact Team

RTI is a program led by a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to helping people recover from their addiction(s) and to putting a stop to drinking and driving.

Benjamin Cramer

Managing Partner

Ben Cramer has worked in the addictions field as an individual and group counselor, program manager, Executive Director and now Managing Partner. He has an extensive background in Business Management and has his Master’s Degree in in clinical mental health counseling. As Managing Partner, Ben oversees and manages all operations at Right Turn. He works closely with the Clinical Director and Department Managers to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients. Ben is also extremely passionate about working directly on the front lines of addiction. He takes time to get to know every client that walks through the doors of Right Turn. In his spare time, Ben is an avid marksmanship instructor and enjoys backpacking and camping.

Jack Gilbert

Clinical Director

Jack Gilbert, LCSW-C has worked in the field of mental health for 30 years. He has served as the Clinical Director at RTI since joining the program in May of 2020. Jack began his career as a residential counselor working with chronically mentally ill adults in a community living support program. After completing graduate school, Jack spent 17 years working with emotionally disabled youth in an alternative day school program. Many of these youth and their families had substance abuse issues. During this time, Jack began his own recovery journey which led to his decision in 2014 to make addictions treatment the focus of his clinical practice. In his free time Jack enjoys time with his family, boating, golf and playing tennis.

Gina Cucina

Administrative Manager

Gina is one of the first faces you will encounter at Right Turn-IMPACT. Her combination of compassion and powerful honesty aides our clients and their family members through their first steps to a new way of life. She continues to check in with clients throughout their stay and answers any questions from concerned family members and friends. With over 34 years of personal recovery and a son in recovery, Gina’s experience is an asset to those looking for a new way of life. In her free time, Gina enjoys watching football, paddle boarding, her Italian food dishes and traveling. Gina has hopes of visiting New Zealand in her future travels.

Phil Nelson

Addictions Counselor/Recovery Enrichment Supervisor

As a person in recovery, Phil got into the addiction treatment field due to his desire to help people who suffer with addiction. Phil draws on his education and personal experiences to help people negotiate the difficult path of early recovery and to completely change their lives. Phil provides encouragement, support and guidance to help clients see they are not alone and that there is hope for them to have a happy, fulfilling life if they are willing to put the effort into changing.

Ricky Allen

Operations Manager

Ricky is compassionate about helping people begin their recovery. He takes great pride in making new clients feel welcome, cared for and safe. As a person in recovery, Ricky is able to empathize with clients entering treatment. He will often use humor to make clients feel comfortable and connected. Ricky is a very talented artist, and his passion for creativity is easily seen in his work with clients. Ricky’s commitment to recovery is demonstrated in his devotion toward helping others find sobriety and live a lifestyle of recovery.

Kristin Solomon

Court Liaison

Kristin Solomon is a Court Liaison for Right Turn Impact. Kristin has a Bachelor’s Degree from Coastal Carolina University in BusinessMarketing. Kristin loves advocating for our clients in court. As a court liaison Kristin uses her background in marketing to combat the negative stigmas about addicts and alcoholics through education and accurate messaging. Kristin knows firsthand the horrors of drunk and drugged driving and the legal ramifications of being charged with DWI/DUI. Kristin reflects on her own personal journey into recovery, “I love giving back by advocating to the court on behalf of those who are taking action to turn their lives around. I’ve been in their shoes. I understand. I am living proof recovery works if you work it. I feel called to do this type of work and know I can make a difference.” In her spare time you can find Kristin carrying the message of recovery, on the water or spending time with her greatest love, her daughter.

Clare Cardoni

Addictions Counselor

Clare is a certified substance abuse counselor and has been working in the field of addiction for over four years. She is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Social Work and plans to integrate her B.F.A from Penn State into her work with clients. At seven years of sobriety, Clare has found a solution, a sense of purpose, and a desire to support those in their recovery journey. Clare loves being able to provide clients with care, compassion, and support as they grow and rediscover themselves. She truly believes sharing the hope of recovery and providing opportunities for therapeutic healing are vital to client’s treatment success.

Natasha Feldstein

Addictions Counselor

Natasha has worked in the field of addiction for close to six years. Natasha draws on her education, training and personal experiences to help clients seeking treatment for their addictions. Natasha is always willing to share her own past, personal experience as a successful client at Right Turn to help assure them they will be receiving honest, non-judgmental care from staff. Additionally, as a former resident living at the Right Turn women’s recovery house Natasha educates clients about the importance of having solid aftercare and the benefits of sober community living. In her free time, Natasha enjoys wildlife rescue (even the bugs), outdoor activities, documentary films, and obsessing over her dog (he’s cute, trust us).

Brian Grober

Client Services

Brian Grober has been working in the field of addictions for five years. He is passionate about helping others and setting an example of what life can be like without drugs and alcohol. Brian has a bachelor’s degree in criminology and is pursuing a second Bachelor’s in psychology. Brian is one of RTI’s most experienced techs and has been an RTI recovery house manager for over four years. Brian’s life’s work is devoted to helping others in their recovery journey’s

Matt Gibson

Client Services

Matt is passionate about healthcare, the biomedical sciences, and mental health. He graduated with a B.S. Degree in Chemistry and Biology and then spent 9 years of post-graduate training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he received a competitive National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Aging. Matt developed an interest in helping people with substance use disorders which led to his work at Right Turn. As a member of the Right Turn team, Matt provides administrative support and co-leads educational groups for clients. Matt’s favorite activity at Right Turn is co-leading educational groups focused on the scientific underpinning of substance use disorders. Most of all, Matt enjoys spending time with his children.

David Greene

Recovery Enrichment Services

Dave is a dynamic personality with over twenty-two years of experience connecting with people in the grips of addiction. His dedication to those in early recovery is rivaled only by his passion to see them succeed. Dave believes that the only way to stay clean is to attend meetings and always keep in mind that “if you don’t pick it up, it can’t get in you.” He particularly enjoys helping clients translate what they have learned in treatment to the real world. Dave never gives up hope on those seeking recovery.