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Our Approach to Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services

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Right Turn-IMPACT’s addiction treatment philosophy is rooted in evidenced based treatment and 12-step recovery. We believe for a person to enter sustained recovery they must first identify the underlying factors that have fueled their addiction(s). Having identified these factors, the person must then learn adaptive coping skills and take the steps to undergo an emotional and spiritual transformation.

To this end, our treatment team employs the use of a comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment, Treatment Planning and Aftercare Planning to determine how to best serve each client’s individual needs during treatment and post discharge. Specific evidenced based strategies and techniques used in treatment include:

  • Trauma Informed Treatment,
  • Motivational Interviewing,
  • Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical, Behavioral Techniques,
  • Holistic Teachings,
  • and Healthy Self-Care.

These strategies and techniques are used to help clients develop healthy coping skills to use in place of drugs and alcohol.

Further, Right Turn Impact employs the power of Music, Art and Recreation groups to help clients to learn about themselves through creativity and to further develop healthy coping and sober living skills. Through these groups clients also learn how to have healthy, sober fun.

Throughout treatment Clients learn about and participate in 12-step support groups to help them begin the process of undergoing an emotional and spiritual transformation. Through this process, we believe the person is able to learn new adaptive coping and sober living skills to maintain their recovery.


“To help all those impacted by the pain and suffering of addiction to recover.”


Right Turn- Impact strives to help people suffering the negative consequences of drug and alcohol abuse/dependency to learn the heathy coping, and sober living skills they need to recover and live healthy, meaningful, fulfilling lives.


Right Turn-IMPACT strives to make an impact on every person who enters our program. Our staff consists primarily of people in recovery who rely on their personal experiences, education and training to provide clients with the highest quality treatment experience. Our staff takes a client and family centered approach to treatment. Thus, we believe in treating clients and their loved ones with warmth, kindness and respect rather than disdain and judgement.

Our team connects with clients on a real-life level and develops a strong rapport that creates enthusiasm for change and continued progress. We provide clients the necessary tools to take responsibility for their actions and make positive life changes. Through connection, evidenced based treatment, and 12-Step based recovery, we help people suffering from substance use disorders transition to a lifestyle of recovery and freedom from active addiction.