Right Turn-IMPACT: Effective and Affordable

Treatment is an event that takes place in time. It has a specific start and end point. Recovery, on the other hand is not an event, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle of recovery requires continuous effort, commitment, and support.

There was a time when most treatment stays lasted 28 days. But with all the changes in the healthcare system insurance companies rarely authorize inpatient treatment anymore and when they do it is typically for stays of 3, 7, or 10 days. Right Turn-IMPACT’s treatment and recovery programs are not dictated by insurance policies and how long they determine you can stay in treatment or how much money they will pay for services. This is why all of our programs are 100% self-pay. We find that when clients invest in their own treatment and recovery they are much more likely to succeed. The longer clients are in treatment and structured recovery programs, the greater the chance for long-term, continuous recovery.

If insurance companies do agree to pay, it’s not uncommon that they’ll only pay for the treatment components of “inpatient” programs, so when clients complete treatment they leave with bills for thousands of dollars to pay for the “residential” services, food, accommodations and related ancillary services usually not covered by their policies.

Right Turn-IMPACT is not only an exceptionally effective treatment and recovery program, we are also the one of the most affordable, providing services for a fraction of the cost of other treatment centers. Most treatment centers’ fees range from $15,000.00 up to $100,000.00 for 28-30 days and include co-pays ranging in the thousands of dollars. In-House Community Living and treatment services at Right Turn-IMPACT are never more than $3,400 for 28 days. We are an excellent alternative to high-priced treatment centers and our client’s successful outcomes far supercede any treatment programs in the Maryland area. 

Our goals at Right Turn-IMPACT include education, self-diagnosis, treatment, and personal responsibility. Our mission is to educate and influence people to make wise choices and avoid destructive decisions in an effort to reduce recidivism rates, improve public safety, and help save lives. We believe that any addict/alcoholic can get clean, stay clean, and enjoy a new way of life.

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