Jail Alternatives and Work-Release

30-Years DUI Program Experience Working with Maryland Judicial System

Jail alternatives

Arrested for a DUI? Jail is a very real possibility.

Established in 1992, Right Turn opened as the very first Maryland Correctional DWI Facility.  Right Turn of Maryland was a minimum security facility under contract with the Bureau of Corrections. Today, no longer under contract, Right Turn IMPACT still works closely with the Maryland Judicial System.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, DWI, or other substance use realted crime, successful participation in our Jail-Alternative Programs can significantly influence your sentencing. We provide Maryland judges, attorneys, prosecutors and probation agents with time-tested, effective alternatives other than jail. Judges, at their discretion, often credit offenders with time served at Right Turn.

Our Recovery Alternative Work Release and Weekend Interventions Program provide 24-hour supervision in a controlled environment.  These programs foster responsible living allowing clients to continue working while confined to our facility. Right Turn IMPACT provides the only Weekend Intervention in Maryland where clients spend 48-consecutive hours in a controlled environment.

If you’ve been arrested do not delay, pick up the phone and call 410-581-4900. Immediate action on you part indicates to the courts that you are taking your arrest very serious.

Please Note: Convicted DUI/DWI offenders in Maryland are typically court ordered to complete a state licensed DUI Education Level 0.5 or Level 1.0 Outpatient program.  Our Weekend Intervention Program does not substitue for these requirements. The Weekend Intervention Program is a private retreat that may serve as a Jail-Alternative at the Judges discretion. We recommend all DUI offenders who participate in our Weekend Intervention Program also complete the appropriate Level 0.5, Level 1.0 or any other program ordered by the courts.

See Comar http://mdrules.elaws.us/comar/

For more information and payment options, please call 410-581-4900.

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