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Treatment is an event that takes place in time. It has a specific start and end point. Recovery, on the other hand is not an event, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle of recovery requires continuous effort, commitment, and support.

Substance abuse treatment can be very expensive. Most treatment centers’ fees range from $15,000.00 up to $100,000.00 for 28-30 days and include expensive co-pays often ranging in the thousands of dollars. Often, insurance companies will seek to terminate inpatient care prior to 28 days due to the significantly higher cost of other treatment programs.

Right Turn-IMPACT provides excellent, cost-effective treatment and recovery programs. We offer self-pay and accept Medicaid and Care First Insurances for our programs.

We will be more than willing to discuss the right program for you to determine the most cost effective approach for you to take by calling our office at 410-581-4900.

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