Confronting the heroin epidemic

Hopefully you saw it on one of the three local news broadcasts. This past Tuesday I was invited to speak at a press conference with Gov. Hogan and Lt. Gov. Rutherford on Maryland’s growing heroin epidemic.

Finally, we’re seeing press coverage and a strong movement afoot to combat a growing crisis that only a few of us have recognized. Until now.

Did you know that between 2010 and 2013 Maryland saw a 95% increase in heroin overdose deaths?

This issue is far from partisan. Regardless of which administration has taken this on, it’s time we address this crisis.

This is an epidemic that we see evidences of each day here at Right Turn-IMPACT. It’s an epidemic that reaches families regardless of socioeconomic place or status.

The CBS Baltimore report highlights the frigid reality: “464 people died of heroin overdoses in 2013, greater than the 387 homicides in Maryland that year. And 2014 is on track to surpass that number by 20%.”

In the coming weeks and months, a government task force will be laying out strategic measures to take this challenge on. You can read more about that here.

Gov. Hogan and I have this poignant thing in common: We’ve both lost someone near and dear to us due to addiction. I’m grateful that the governor’s plan includes treatment programs like ours because we know that treatment works. Confronting the scourge of addiction and alcoholism and it’s devastating effects on individuals, families, and society is why Right Turn-IMPACT exists.

Thank you for co-laboring with us in these efforts. Thank you for sending people here for treatment and recovery. Until there is a discovery of something that works better, this is what we know works best.

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