Celebrating success at the Judicial Institute

Last Friday we had the pleasure of presenting at the Judicial Institute in Annapolis. Special thanks to Judge Patti Mitchell for inviting us to speak to some 50 judges about our treatment protocols.

In our presentation, we gave a brief history of Right Turn and spoke about many of the positive changes we’ve made and how this has been reflected through our stunning results.

Through some careful analysis using client surveys and stats rendered, we’ve been able to elevate our success rate. We’re seeing a consistent upward trend in meeting our mission statement objectives, giving attorneys all the reason in the world to keep sending clients to us for treatment.

We are humbled by the favor that we’ve found with the Judges who hear the cases of our clients, and we’re hearing consistent vocal approval from them in every county we serve.

But mostly, we’re encouraged by the stories of changed lives. We can banter back and forth about the nuances of treatment protocols and best practices, but all of these conversations fall silent when rightly drowned out by the voices of clients who’ve experienced the transformation that the lifestyle of recovery achieves. This is what keeps us going!

Thank you for your continued support and for the opportunities you give us to help people discover the way of recovery. This is how we know that our labor is never in vain.

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