The case for recovery

Hearing the Statement of Facts read in the courtroom can be pretty sobering sometimes. There are also those times when, admit it, you know you want to laugh. The things people do under the influence would make great sitcom material — if the realities beyond weren’t so dark. When alcohol and other drugs go in, logic and reason go out.

There are also those times when you look over at the prosecuting attorney and they want it all, the max, and it may very well be justified. The Statement of Facts can seem pretty damning, daunting, if not downright embarrassing and seemingly impossible to negotiate.

Yet that’s what you do. As an attorney, you face your challenges and you take them on.

Well, when it comes to treatment, that’s what we do, too.

Every person who comes through our doors is a serious challenge for us. And with addiction, as difficult as the consequences may seem to the offender, those are just the surface — the collateral damage of substance abuse gone awry. Their most difficult challenges lie ahead, having more to do with the disease of addiction than the outward actions it inspires.

Because we take treatment seriously, we want you to know that you can bank on the power of recovery when it comes to mitigation. Not always, but a lot. If the client is willing, they’ll get 100% of the treatment they need with us for successful outcomes in life and court.

We’ve seen the power of recovery completely soften the tone in the courtroom. Judges are often reasonably satisfied when offenders get it. When alcoholics or addicts see their truest need, not simply to ease sentencing, but to completely change their lives, it’s a win for everyone — them, their families, us, you, the system, and public safety. It’s amazing to see it when they’ll take all the corrective steps to convince the judge that they won’t re-offend, and still more amazing to see the power of a changed life. That’s what we do, and we love it.

So my hope is that when you see us in the courtroom, you get an extra measure of confidence in your case. Everyone wins when recovery wins.