What can we learn from Bernard Pierce?

The Ravens recently had another hiccup trying to make off-field issues a thing of the past. You know the story. Last month, Running Back Bernard Pierce was charged with DUI. He reportedly told the arresting officer, “Do you know what happened last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow.” His prediction came true the very next day.

Pierce, who ran 3 seasons with 353 carries (3.8 yards per carry) scored just 5 touchdowns in purple. We wish him well and we hope he’s taking all the corrective steps to ensure that he’s stays in good standing with Jacksonville this coming NFL season.

But here’s my point in writing today. Pierce knows that a RB has to run a lot of hard yards to get into the end zone. For him, 1,334 hard yards for just 5 TDs.

That’s the way early recovery is for people coming fresh out of active addiction. It’s a long field and a lot of pressure with formidable NFL-level defenders looking to take you down — if not out — like cravings, triggers, certain people, places, things, and often… the stress of pending court dates.

As treatment providers, we work hard to help people find their way free from addiction. But we also know that it takes a strong supporting cast to help — like family, friends, and often… lawyers. Maybe you never thought much about the part you play to that end. Encouragement from a good lawyer can go a long way.

The fight against recidivism is long and slow. But everyone can play a part. Recovery is always possible with the right players.

For a Running Back, it certainly helps to have a good Offensive Line as supporting cast and a great fullback. If you’ll endure my imperfect analogy, we could see the O-Line as recovery community for an offender trying to get his or her life back.

We love being on this team and we’re glad to run along with you toward the end zone.

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