Our Team

Right Turn – IMPACT is led by a team of passionate professionals helping individuals recover from addictions, and are also committed to putting a stop to drinking and driving.

Daniel Brannon, President/CEO

Picture of Daniel BrannonDanny’s vision for Right Turn-IMPACT stems from overcoming a difficult childhood and troubled adolescence. In 2011, Danny was honored in Washington, DC as a recipient of the prestigious National Pearson Prize for Higher Education. In 2015, Danny was honored to speak for Governor Larry Hogan at the Maryland State House when the Governor and Lt. Governor announced Maryland’s Heroin and Opiate Task Force. With a degree in addictions counseling, Danny worked at Right Turn of Maryland for several years before assuming ownership in 2013. Danny has extensive experience working with the Maryland court system as a court liaison and client advocate. He volunteers his time, resources, and leadership to numerous organizations and has helped organize fundraisers and events for humanitarian causes locally and worldwide. back to top

Benjamin Cramer, Administrator

Ben Cramer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and has worked in the addictions field as an individual and group facilitator. He has an extensive background in Business and Management. Ben is currently finishing up his Master’s Degree with an emphasis in Addictions. As Administrator, Ben oversee and manages all operations at Right Turn. He works closely with the Clinical Director and Department Managers to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients. Ben is also extremely passionate about working directly on the front lines of addiction.  He takes time to get to know every client that walks through the doors of Right Turn. In his spare time, Ben is an avid marksmanship instructor and enjoys backpacking and camping. back to top

Nadia Rupard, Director of Court Operations

Nadia RupardNadia Rupard obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Towson University in 2012, and will graduate in May 2019 with Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland. In addition, she’s had minor coursework focused on education and addiction counseling. Through her own experiences and tribulations, she discovered a passion for recovery and helping others. Nadia is a court liaison for Right Turn-IMPACT and oversees the department of court operations. Her enthusiasm for recovery has been a vital force in carrying the message of hope to clients battling substance use disorders. She knows first-hand the dangers of drinking and driving, and the legal ramifications of being charged with a DUI/DWI. She is extremely devoted to advocating for the clients of Right Turn who have embraced a lifestyle of recovery. Nadia works diligently with attorneys, prosecutors and judges to ensure the success of the hundreds of clients who transform through our program. In her free time, she enjoys fitness, nature and painting, but her biggest love is spending as mush time as she can with her two Golden Retrievers. back to top

Jorge Castro, Court Liaison

Picture of Jorge Castro

Jorge Castro is the Court Liaison for Right Turn Impact. Jorge brings passion, empathy and devotion to all our clients. He loves to advocate for our clients in court. As a liaison Jorge is combating the negative stigmas about addicts and alcoholics by spreading awareness. Jorge reflects on his own personal journey into recovery; “I knew right away I wanted to help addicts and alcoholics that are trying to change their lives for the better. I am extremely grateful to be able to help others and give back to society.” Jorge started at Right Turn Impact as a translator and quickly demonstrated a solid and competitive work ethic that promoted him through the ranks. With is charming, outgoing, positive and caring personality he is a perfect fit to represent Right Turn Impact and our clients in the Judicial System. In his spare time you can find Jorge helping newcomers, caring the message of recovery and in the gym working towards his health and fitness goals. back to top

Sabrina Sands, Office Manager

Picture of Sabrina SandsSabrina is an administrative whiz and vital asset in the day-to-day operations of Right Turn-IMPACT. She is one of the first smiling faces clients see when they walk through the door. While most of her effort is dedicated to ensuring the front office runs smoothly, Sabrina understands how difficult overcoming addiction can be and emphasizes that no one has to do it alone. Sabrina believes in giving back to the community, and participates in several community service initiatives. She also enjoys spending time with her young daughter, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. back to top

Holly Morgan,  Aftercare Coordinator

Picture of Holly Morgan

Holly’s voice will more than likely be the first you hear on the other end of the line when calling our Right Turn-IMPACT office. She is our go-to for information regarding our aftercare program, as well as, the other programs we offer here. Holly makes the entire process of inquiring for further information or signing up for one of our programs quick and easy. Leaving you fully informed before ending the call. She is a mother of 3 that values the principles she has gained through her own recovery process. Even with a busy schedule she still finds the time to help others. back to top

Carla Pensinger, CSC-ADAddictions Counselor

Picture of Carla PensingerCarla Pensinger began her career in the addictions field after 27 years of service as Police Sergeant. She holds a dual degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Criminal Justice. Carla is passionate about helping and educating others that we do recover and that recovery is 100% possible when we apply recovery priciples in all our affairs. Carla and her husband Mike have a blended family of 3 adult children. They love sports, traveling, hiking, and are always looking for a new adventure. They currently share their home with 3 cats, Abby, Kensi & Ellie. back to top

Gina Cucina, Admission Coordinator

Picture of Gina Cucina

Gina is one of the first faces you will encounter at Right Turn-IMPACT. Her combination of compassion and powerful honesty aides our clients and their family through their first steps to a new way of life. She continues to check in with the clients throughout their stay and answer any questions from concerned family members or friends. With over 30 years of personal recovery and a son in recovery, Gina is an asset to those looking for a new way of life. She enjoys watching football, paddle boarding, her Italian food dishes and traveling. With hopes of visiting New Zealand one day. back to top

Ricky Allen, Client Services

Picture of Ricky AllenRicky is all about compassion and recovery. He takes great pride in making new participants in our program feel welcomed and assured. With his empathy and humor spirit, he makes the participants feel comfortable and connected. Ricky is a vital member of our staff and our community. He is a very talented artist, and his passion for creativity is easily seen in his work as our Music Therapy group facilitator. Ricky’s commitment to recovery is demonstrated in his devotion toward helping others find sobriety and live a lifestyle of recovery. back to top

Terry Love, DUI Operations Manager

Picture of Terry LoveTerry Love has facilitated the weekend intervention program for the past 6 years and beams with pride while reflecting on his experiences here. He is passionate about life and helping others explore the role alcohol has played in their lives. Gratitude is a defining principle in Terry’s life and he encourages our clients to never give up, and to never settle for less than they deserve. An avid motorcyclist and lifelong resident of the eastern shore, Terry is especially dedicated to helping those in our weekend program feel welcome. back to top

David Greene, Recovery Enrichment Services

David GreeneDave is a dynamic personality with over twenty-two years of experience connecting with people in the grips of addiction. His dedication to those in early recovery is rivaled only by his passion to see them succeed, and he knows how grueling this process can be. He believes that the only way to stay clean is to attend meetings and always keep in mind that “if you don’t pick it up, it can’t get in you.” He particularly enjoys helping clients translate what they have learned in treatment to the real world. Dave never gives up hope on those seeking recovery. back to top

Laura Williams, CSC-AD, Addictions Counselor

Picture of Laura Williams

Laura began her career as a Human Resource Specialist back in her early 20’s. She currently holds a dual degree in Human Resources and Human Services. Following her passion and commitment to recovery, she dedicates her life to assisting others overcome their addictions. She loves anything outdoors, animals, and raising her 16-year-old son. Laura is active in volunteer work, primarily focused on Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse. back to top

David Sies, Recovery Enrichment Services

Picture of David Siesback to top