The history of Right Turn of Maryland dates back to Massachusetts circa 1983. The Chief Psychiatrist at Mount Pleasant Hospital, Steve Valle, recognized the need for programming for alcoholics in the state’s correctional system.

Steve set out to design a program for multiple DUI offenders based on the observation that when offenders were not drinking or using, they were not committing crimes, making them an ill fit for the general prison population.

Valle’s program gained success, boasting the lowest recidivism rates in Massachusetts, and became a sought-after model for rehabilitating offenders in the state’s legal system.

When Charlie Powell learned about Right Turn of Massachusetts he contacted Valle to bring the program to Baltimore. Powell shared the passion with Valle for seeing the positive changes taking place in offenders’ lives as they received treatment in specialized programs geared towards multiple DUI offenders.

Powell replicated the treatment model, and created the self-pay program, which remains in place today. Powell believed insurance companies aimed to discharge people from treatment too quickly, and such treatment did not match the needs of alcoholics and DUI offenders for getting better and turning their lives around.

Detoxification programs alone did not work, as offenders were released before addressing the underlying problems contributing to their alcohol and drug abuse problems, greatly increasing their chances for relapse. Powell dedicated himself to providing alcoholics and addicts the best chance for staying clean and sober by providing the long-term support they needed to recover.

While located in Owings Mills and later, Baltimore, Right Turn of Maryland provided treatment for more than 50,000 clients.

In 2013, Daniel Brannon became the owner of Right Turn of Maryland under the new name Right Turn-IMPACT, and relocated the facility to Park Heights Avenue, just below the city/county line near Pikesville.

Right Turn-IMPACT provides multiple recovery services including controlled and structured jail alternative, educating and influencing offenders to best ensure the mission of reducing recidivism rates, increasing public safety and helping to save lives. Right Turn-IMPACT offers the same Right Turn programs and services with a renewed level of passion and professionalism built on the legacy started more than 25 years ago.