Jail Alternative & Work Release

Alternatives to jail for those facing legal consequences

Substance abuse often has consequences.

Jail alternatives

Jail is a very real potential consequence for those charged with DUI and other substance-related offenses. If there isn’t any real way your lawyer can “get you off”, she or he will often tell you that there are ways to mitigate sentencing in hopes to avoid jail. They will also tell you that treatment is the only substantive way to convince a judge that jail may not be needed. Treatment often offers alternatives to jail for those facing legal consequences due to substance related offenses.

Established as a reputable Recovery Center, Right Turn-IMPACT provides structured living in a secured environment for those facing the unfortunate legal consequences of substance-related offenses. Our facility includes 24-hour monitoring to meet requirements for such alternatives.

The Right Turn-IMPACT Work Release Alternative provides client supervision & accountability and fosters responsible living by allowing clients to keep their jobs.

Our Clinical Outpatient and DUI programs are state-certified and accepted by The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), and our recovery enrichment programs are recognized by the courts.

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