DUI Weekend Intervention Program

DUI Weekend Intervention Program

DUI Weekend Intervention Program

Our court-recognized DUI Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) has set the standard as the leading and most-effective alternative recovery programs in the nation for more than 20 years.  Clients in our Weekend Intervention Program experience a weekend of intense alcohol/drug education and learn the principles of recovery in a controlled environment with 24-hour monitoring.

A person with a single DUI — and especially those with multiple offenses — are considered by the courts to be people who are a potential threat to public safety. An individual may not think he or she has a problem, but the courts assume that they do. Any attempt at denial, minimization, or rationalization will be meaningless in a court of law because a crime has been committed — a crime that involves alcohol or other drugs — a crime that may result in death.

The DUI Weekend Intervention Program is a non-clinical recovery enrichment program designed to potentially lessen sentencing in your case, as it is widely recognized by the courts as an effective educational experience that reduces recidivism.

DUI offenders in the State of Maryland are typically required to complete a certified treatment program as an order of probation. These certified treatment programs include:

* – Level 0.5 Alcohol Education Program (AEP) Early Intervention Program (EIP)

* – Level 1.0 Outpatient

We recommend all offenders successfully complete our Weekend Intervention Program AND complete appropriate certified treatment programs as determined by an assessment. The Weekend Intervention Program is not a substitute for the state’s minimum requirement for alcohol education.


Coupled with a certified treatment program, our Weekend Intervention Program reduces recidivism rates, improves public safety and helps save lives.

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