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Licensed Outpatient and DUI Program

Right Turn IMPACT DUI Programs are nationally recognized having set the standard of excellence for DUI Education and Early Intervention Programs since our inception. Working closely with the Maryland Judicial System for 30-years, we’ve earned the reputation as the most affordable, most effective and best court recognized program in the state.

We offer State Licensed 12-hour DUI Programs, DWI Programs, Alcohol Education Programs, and Early Intervention Programs. Right Turn DUI Education Programs are designed to educate and influence individuals experiencing early warning signs of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and related problems.

Our State Licensed Outpatient Programs offer 26-weeks and 48-weeks of Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Counseling.

Early warning signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency often show up as an arrest for a DUI. These symptoms may indicate a Substance Use Disorder. Other warning signs may include increased tolerance to alcohol or drugs, hangovers, blackouts, family problems, occupation issues, loss of control, financial problems, relational difficulties and other issues, such as anxiety, depression, worry and fear of impending doom. If you are experiencing any of these types of problems we can help you. Pick up the phone and call Right Turn at 410.581.4900.

The earlier signs and symptoms are detected and the more aggressively treated, the better the prognosis for a successful outcome. Early intervention programs reduce recidivism rates,  improve public safety and help save lives.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI taking immediate action will indicate to the court that you are taking this issue very serious. We can help you put together the best possible recovery plan that will significantly help you in court, and most importantly, will help you get back on track toward a successful life free of any alcohol, drug or leagal problems.

Call for more information: 410-581-4900.

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