12-Hour Alcohol Education and Outpatient

Alcohol Education and Early Intervention Programs

Alcohol Education and Early Intervention Programs

There are many warning signs that often indicate that people are in danger of dependency and/or addiction to alcohol or other drugs. These signs can be related to health, occupation, financial problems or relational difficulties. And yes, sometimes these signs come in the form of legal consequences.

What are the signs and what can people do when these indications begin to emerge?

We offer state-certified 12-hour alcohol education and early intervention programs (AEP/EIP) designed to educate and influence individuals showing early warning signs of alcohol/drug abuse and dependency.

The earlier signs and symptoms are detected and the more aggressively treated, the better the prognosis for a successful outcome. Early intervention programs reduce recidivism rates and help save lives.

These early intervention programs are designed to address the warning signs of abuse before an individual crosses the line into dependency and addiction. Call our offices today to learn more.

  • 12-Hour DUI Alcohol Education

  • 12-Hour Early Intervention Program

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