Right Turn Impact

recovery from addiction happens when we work together

Right Turn-IMPACT offers the most affordable and effective drug and alcohol treatment and recovery programs in the region.

Our Philosophy

Our drug and alcohol treatment and recovery programs exist to educate and influence people suffering consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, dependency and addiction.

Right Turn-IMPACT strives to make an impact on each and every individual who enters our recovery and treatment programs. Our staff’s ability to connect with clients on a real-life level and develop a strong rapport creates enthusiasm for change and continued progress. Our goal is to open clients’ eyes to the deadly consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. We provide clients the necessary tools to take responsibility for their actions and make positive life changes.

Our DUI Program is unique because our staff is dedicated to ensuring that no one ever gets behind the wheel after drinking. DUIs are senseless crimes. They are 100% preventable. We take our responsibility seriously by carrying this message with us everywhere we go. This is the type of attitude and passion we wish to instill in all offenders who walk through the doors of Right Turn-IMPACT.

12-Step Approach

While not all DUI offenders are addicts and/or alcoholics, many of them are in the early stages of the disease process. This is why the Right Turn-IMPACT approach to addiction treatment and recovery is deeply rooted in 12-step recovery. We believe the earlier alcoholism and addiction are detected, and the more aggressively they are treated, the better the prognosis for a successful outcome.

Mission Statement

Right Turn-IMPACT exists to educate and influence people suffering consequences of alcohol and drug abuse and dependency in an effort to reduce recidivism rates, improve public safety and help save lives.